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Health Services

Feeding Clinic

This clinic is available to assist children who have a medical condition which has affected their ability to eat orally (by mouth) and to grow properly. The Feeding Clinic team consists of a variety of specialists including a Developmental Pediatrician, occupational therapist, speech therapist and dietitian. While not part of the team, Pediatric Gastroenterology, Pulmonary, ENT, and Allergy specialists are available at NMCP for consultation.

The Feeding Clinic team will seek to identify the multiple issues affecting a child’s ability to eat and to grow from a medical, developmental, and a behavioral standpoint. A comprehensive and collaborative treatment plan will be developed to meet identified goals. Our staff also specializes in helping a child and his/her family transition from a feeding tube to oral feeding.

Typically, ongoing feeding therapy (usually by occupational or speech therapy) will be performed on an outpatient basis by a TRICARE approved provider in the local community.

New appointments generally last 1.5-2 hours and established appointments about 1 hours. Please bring a 3 day food diary log of food and liquid child has consumed including type and volume of food/liquid eaten as well as listing meal and snack times.

Please allow your child to have a small meal/liquid before the appointment time if child is hungry. We will do a feeding observation in the clinic, so we would like child to be as hungry or thirsty as possible. New patients should bring a variety of desired and non-desired foods and necessary utensils (cup, bottle, and spoon) to appointment. Please allow time for parking and check in process in clinic. Recommended arrival time is 15-30 minutes prior to appointment.

Before coming to our clinic, please complete the following steps:

Fill out these form and return them to our clinic coordinator via fax 757-953-7134, e-mail to our clinic coordinator or drop it off at out clinic:

Contact our clinic coordinator at 757 953-5174 to schedule your appointment in the Pediatric Feeding clinic.

Important: Please also bring copies of your child’s previous feeding assessments as well as assessments and therapy notes from Occupational and Speech therapy.

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(757) 953-5174


Building 3, 2nd Floor
Near the main Chapel floor.


Tuesday 0800-1200

Availability of Services

Our services are available to all dependent children of the military.
Don't forget to keep your family's information up-to-date in DEERS.