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The Inpatient Dispensing Division provides pharmaceutical care to patients who are admitted to the hospital. Inpatient medication needs are provided through several methods, including: unit dose, intravenous admixture, total parenteral nutrition admixtures, chemotherapy admixtures and bulk medication issue services hospital-wide.

  • Unit Dose provides individually wrapped or packaged medications that are sent to each of the wards in drawers labeled for each patient in that ward. The nursing staff then will administer the medication to the patient at their bedside at the appropriate time.
  • Intravenous admixture is the compounding of intravenous fluids with concentrated medications. This diluted medication is is then administered by the nursing staff intravenously to the patient.
  • Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) admixtures are intravenous fluids which contain all the necessary ingredients to provide total nutrition to the patient. This type of therapy is used when the patient cannot consume food or fluids orally.
  • Chemotherapy admixtures are usually done on an outpatient basis, that is the patient schedules an appointment to come into the hospital for a few hours to receive the chemotherapy intravenous medication. These medications are only made after careful review of the patient's labs and clinical condition.
  • Bulk Medication Issue is a process by which the wards and clinics "order" medications that are used in bulk through the pharmacy.

In addition to these services provided above, the Inpatient Pharmacy is responsible for the following as well:

  • Monitors, maintains and replenishes crash carts in accordance with NMCP Instructions.
  • Monitors the inspections of ALL medication storage areas to ensure proper storage and prevention of expiration date oversight.

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