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Deployment Health

The Deployment Health Center ensures all requirements for Deployment health screenings, Periodic Health Assessment (PHA), and Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) are fulfilled by each Service Member.

The Deployment Health Center ensures that each Service Member is medically prepared to deploy, minimize hazardous exposures during deployments, and receive exceptional treatment for deployment-related health concerns.


Action b.

"Commanding officers are responsible for ensuring the individual readiness of the personnel assigned to their units...."

Section 1. Procedures b.

"...Cooperative efforts between personnel assigned to the commands providing the health services and the line commands employing the service members will be necessary to ensure successful compliance with the PHA process."


"...It is recommended that the Commanding Officers designate representatives in their command to ensure members are in compliance with the PHA process."


Periodic Health Assessment is a preventive screening tool designed to improve reporting and visibility of Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) for all Service Members.


Electronic Deployment Health Assessment is required for all Service Members and Reserve Components who deploy for more than 30 days oconus with no fixed Medical Treatment Facility (MTF). EDHA is a global online tool designed to monitor the accomplishment of three required deployment health assessments of all deploying Service Members:

  • Pre-deployment Health Assessment (DD 2795)
  • Post-deployment Health Assessment (DD 2796)
  • Post-deployment Health Re-assessment (DD 2900)

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