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Health Benefit Advisor/TRICARE Office

The Health Benefits Advisor provides all eligible beneficiaries with information related to health care needs.

If you have questions regarding where to find a physician, what type of physician to care for your needs, insurance questions, payment questions, or help with navigating the TRICARE system, Health Benefits Advisors can help find the answer.

TRICARE is the health care program serving Uniformed Service members, retirees and their families worldwide.

Health Benefits Advisors and the TRICARE Service Center work together to meet your health care needs. Questions concerning your care or accessing network providers can be addressed by the Health Benefits Advisor who can be reached at BMC NAVSTA Norfolk, Health Benefits Advisor: (757) 953-8708 M-F 0700-1530.

For Periodic Health Assessment/PHA (Deployment Health) Purposes: Verify eligibility. Enrollment is mandatory. Having your assigned PROVIDER’s NAME is of utmost importance, you may obtain it through Health Benefits Advisor’s office.

Medical Records

The Medical Records Department maintains, reviews, and updates medical records on Service Members, shore-based personnel, Beneficiaries, and Retirees.

The purpose of a Medical Record is to provide the patient a chronological record of their medical treatments, e.g. medical, physical, occupational health examinations, evaluations, and histories (illnesses and or subsequent treatments). Medical Records also serves as a communication document between the practitioner responsible for the patient and all other health care professionals who contribute to patient's care.

Questions concerning Medical Records can be addressed by the Medical Records Department, BMC Norfolk, who can be reached at (757) 953-8700.

For lost or missing Medical Records, please follow these steps to obtain a Replacement Medical Record.

  1. You must be enrolled in TRICARE through Health Benefits Advisors Office.
  2. Click and Fill out the Request for a Replacement Medical Record due to lost Medical Record Form.

For Periodic Health Assessment/PHA (Deployment Health) Purposes: All beneficiaries must have all volumes of their Medical Record(s) in order to start the PHA process.

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Updated 31 March 2023
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