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Traumatic Brain Injury Services

Services available for mild Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) include multiple options.

Naval Medical Center Portsmouth provides TBI care for AD service members who are experiencing cognitive and physical symptoms related to concussion/TBI history. TBI Services provides coordination of care amongst core TBI services utilizing a traditional referral-based model. Specialty treatment appointments arranged by the TBI Services intake provider.

Overall services include: Neurology (w/ Sleep Medicine / Sleep Lab), limited primary care, Neuropsychology, Vestibular Physical Therapy, Audiology, Speech & Language Therapy, and Behavioral Health for TBI psycho-education.

Treatment Pipelines

*Warfighter Assessment, Rehabilitation, and Resiliency Program (WARR-p): The premier 2 week comprehensive and fast paced program targeting the SOF community. WARR-p’s mission is to rehabilitate SOF operators to the highest level of function possible while developing and enhancing individual resiliency. This program is restricted to SOF Operators and their direct support components.

Service Members should have at least 18 months of remaining active duty

Cooperative Command Clinic (CCC): Traditional outpatient, patient directed, program that is self-paced comprehensive or single service for all Active Duty Service Members (or, at times, eligible beneficiaries). All aspects of TBI care available are based on the Service Members availability and need. Service Members work with their primary care team, command, and TBI providers as they navigate through treatment on an individual basis. Typical time from initial evaluation to discharge is approximately 12-15 weeks.

*Good to Go (GTG): A rapid comprehensive assessment for mTBI related symptoms and commonly associated comorbidities. Target population is Active Duty Service Members who are seeking evaluation only of mTBI related symptoms not previously addressed or documented. Service Members are either about to separate from Active Duty and cannot commit or qualify WARR-p. This is open to all Service Members with a minimum of 6 months of remaining active duty.

Neuropsychology (NP) Clinic: Providing traditional consult referred neurocognitive evaluation of various neurological conditions. Neuropsychology Clinic can, at times, be available for service members and eligible beneficiaries (e.g. non-active duty, family members/dependents, and retirees) if their condition meets the medical necessity requirements for neurocognitive testing. Assessment and treatment of persons with non-acquired, developmental and neurological central nervous conditions as also offered evaluation through the Neuropsychology Clinic.

*Restricted to Special Operations Forces and their direct combat support elements


All service members must be referred for care to the TBI Services or Neuropsychology clinics. Self referral not accepted.

To place a WARR-p referral, referring provider completes specific application and submits directly to intake staff. Contact TBI Services for more information

To place a referral in AHLTA:
1.For the Neuropsychology Clinic: "MHNeuropsychology"2.For the TBI or Cooperative Command Clinic (CCC): "MH - TBI"

To place a referral in CHCS:
  1. For the Neuropsychology (NP) Clinic:"PsychologyNeuropsychology"
  2. For TBI or Focused Cooperative Command Clinic (CCC): "MHTBI
NP and CCC Referrals require a CHCS/AHLTA consult with the criteria (listed below) included.

Consults received by the TBI Services will be reviewed by the Department Head or designated Licensed Independent Provider (LIP) and screened for appropriateness. The following information is required on all incoming consults:
  • Type of injury (ie. fall, blast, new diagnosis)
  • Severity of injury (ie. LOC, amnesia duration)
  • Date of injury or symptom onset
  • Primary symptoms related (ie. Cognitive complaints, pain, numbness/weakness, headaches, dizziness/balance problems, tinnitus, psychological disturbance)
  • Treatment rendered by referring provider, medications, outcome, and prognosis
  • Service Member current contact information
Neuropsychology Clinic Criteria:
  • Current diagnosis meeting medical necessity for neurocognitive testing includingnon-acquired, developmental and neurological central nervous conditions
  • Tricare Eligibility for Care
Cooperative Command Clinic Criteria (traditional TBI referral):
  • Documented history of concussion/TBI in Active Duty Service Member,
  • No less than 30 days prior to the appointment and no older than 4 years ago.
  • Failed initial conservative treatment.
  • Documented concussion with symptoms (LOC/AOC, feeling dazed, confused, seeing stars)
  • More than 5 months remaining on active duty until EAOS or PCS.
  • Either never previously been in the clinic or had a new event since being previously seen.
  • Availability to attend/meet appointments, that is; no field operations, deployments or training exercises in the next 30 days.

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