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Health Services

Medical-Surgical Department

The Medical-Surgical Department is made up of four units: the General Surgery Unit (4F), the Orthopedic Unit (4G), the Internal Medicine Unit (4H), and the Oncology Unit (4J). Staffing consists of Registered Nurses (RN’s), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN’s), and Corpsmen (HM’s). Occasionally, a patient’s condition will fall outside of set parameters however, a multi-disciplinary assessment may warrant continued services on the patient’s current unit. In the event of a bed crisis within the facility, the Medical-Surgical Department may accept overflow patients from other units that may or may not be within the normal multi-specialty surgical service line. The Medical-Surgical Department is open 24 hours a day and serves patients 17 years and older with a variety of disease processes and post operatively

General Surgical Unit, 4F

Nurses Station: (757) 953-4226

The General Surgical Unit (4F) is a 32-bed inpatient unit located on the 4th floor, bldg. 2. The ward is comprised of six private rooms, two isolation rooms, two four-person rooms, and ten semi-private rooms. 4F provides nursing care to male and female patients who are acutely ill or injured and in varying stages of recuperation from diagnostic, therapeutic, and surgical interventions.

Orthopedic Unit, 4G

Nurses Station: (757) 953-4125

The Orthopedic Unit (4G) is a 19-bed inpatient unit located on the 4th floor, bldg. 2 . It is comprised of one four-person room, six semi-private rooms, and three private rooms to include one negative pressure isolation room close to the nurses’ station. 4G is structured to provide nursing support to male and female pre and post-surgical orthopedic patients; high risk/high volume scheduled and emergent post-surgical patients, as well as the Wounded Warrior Infusion patients.

Adult Internal Medicine Unit, 4H

Nurses Station: (757) 953-4020

The Adult Internal Medicine Unit (4H) is a 25-bed inpatient unit located on the 4th floor, bldg. 2. It is comprised of eight semi-private rooms, one four person room, three private rooms, and two negative pressure isolation rooms. Patients admitted include renal, endocrine, pulmonary, cardiac, infectious diseases, and mental health patients requiring medical clearance.

Oncology Unit, 4J

Nurses Station: (757) 953-4060

The Adult Hematology/Oncology Unit (4J) is a 14-bed inpatient unit located on the 4th floor, bldg. 2, comprised of semi-private rooms (typically assigned as private rooms due to the high volume of immuno-compromised patients admitted to the ward), two positive pressure rooms and one comfort care room. 4J is structured to provide nursing support to patients with hematology and oncology diagnosis requiring specialized care such as chemotherapy and biotherapy administration.

NMCP Information


24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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