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Pastoral Care Services

Chaplains at Navy Medical Center Portsmouth are U.S. Navy Chaplains with enhanced training in Clinical Pastoral Education. Many of our chaplains have additional Board Certification signifying the gold-standard of Pastoral Care. Our Chaplains are tasked by the Navy to:
  • Provide for those of like faith,
  • Facilitate for the requirements of those of other faith groups
  • And to care for all. 
Our Chaplains provide 100% Confidential Care and Counseling to beneficiaries because unconstrained communication in complete privacy encourages Service Members, their families, and other authorized personnel to seek assistance enhancing the scope and quality of patient care. Chaplains are equipped to have conversations about meaning and purpose, joy and suffering. 
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“Ultimately, man should not ask what the meaning of his life is, but rather must recognize that it is he who is asked. In a word, each man is questioned by life; and he can only answer to life by answering for his own life; to life he can only respond by being responsible.” - Victor Frankl

Why might someone seek Pastoral Care services?

Chaplains support beneficiaries who are struggling or otherwise engaged in questions of spirit, faith, ethics, and meaning. Chaplains provide a sympathetic ear to allow you to process through questions of meaning and purpose, to companion you through loss, and to support you as your process experiences of guilt or shame. 

What Should You Expect in Your Encounter with a Chaplain?

Meeting with a Chaplain, you should expect empathy, compassion and professionalism. You should also expect a religious professional who understands and values your humanity. Chaplains will not proselytize you, but are glad to support you in your exploration of faith or non-faith. 

What is Spiritual Readiness?

Spiritual Readiness is the strength of spirit that enables the warfighter to accomplish the mission with honor. Spiritual Readiness is developed through the pursuit of meaning, purpose, values, and sacrificial service. 

What Does Spiritual Readiness in the Warfighter Look Like?

Spiritual Ready Warfighters cultivate resources and relationships to prepare for hardships, develop strong personal identities connected to meaning and purpose, and maintain connections to the sacred through community or individual practice. They live their life well.

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Monday through Friday
7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.


(757) 953-5550
After Hours
Contact the Quarterdeck:
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Pastoral Care Offices
Charette Health Care Center
Building 3, 2nd Floor, Room 2.6-108

Chapel of Comfort
Charette Health Care Center
Building 3, 2nd Floor, Room 2.6-108

Meditation Chapel
Charette Health Care Center
Building 2, 3rd Floor, Room 320404

Availability of Services

Pastoral Services 


Call the Pastoral Services Office at (757) 953-5550 or stop by the main office at the above

*Updated 4 April 2023
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