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Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics

The Developmental Behavioral Pediatric (DBP) Clinic at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth provides direct assessment and comprehensive services for infants and children with known or suspected disabilities and/or complex medical needs. Conditions include but are not limited to: autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disabilities, developmental delays and cerebral palsy.

The staff of the DBP clinic is dedicated to providing the compassionate services to children with developmental disabilities and their families, while adhering to generally accepted standards of medical practice.

Some children referred are seen for diagnostic purposes only. Others are followed long-term. The child’s primary care manager/pediatrician is responsible for ongoing management of care even when the Developmental Behavioral Pediatric Clinic is involved with care.

If you are reporting as a new appointment, select the clinic listed under "New Appointments". If you are returning as a follow-up, choose the clinic link listed under "Return/Followup"

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