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The General Surgery Department provides a comprehensive Bariatric Surgery Program, offering several bariatric procedures as well as pre- and post-operative care. Patients seeking care in the Bariatric Surgery Clinic must be referred by their primary care manager (PCM).

Consults for bariatric surgery must include:

  • the patient's BMI (body mass index), computed using height and weight measured at the time of consultation,
  • comorbidities and/or health problems, and
  • smoking status.

Candidates for bariatric surgery must have a BMI greater than 35, be non-smokers, and have failed previous attempts at non-surgical weight loss. Former smokers must be smoke-free AND off all cessation adjuncts (nicotine patch, gum, medications) for at least 3 months prior to consultation. At this time, NMCP does not offer a medical weight loss program. Patients interested in non-surgical weight loss should visit their primary care manager to discuss options.

The Bariatric Surgery Clinic sponsors a monthly support group for pre-and post-operative patients. The Nutrition Department also offers regular classes to aid patients in adjusting to their new lifestyle. While attendance at these support groups/classes is highly encouraged, they ARE NOT mandatory to be considered for bariatric surgery unless specifically directed by your surgeon.

All meetings are held the first Thursday of the month in the galley; on the first floor of building 2, meetings start at 7:00PM. Topics are subject to change based on the availability of the speakers. Volunteers are needed for the creative workshop and the Christmas party. If you have any questions please call the clinic at 757 953-2456 or 757 953-2445.


Once your referral or consult has been approved, you may make your appointment through TRICARE or by calling our clinic directly. Follow-up appointments are usually scheduled by our clinic staff. Patients should check in at our clinic's front desk 15 minutes prior to their appointment. Patients who are not on time for their appointment should expect that they will need to reschedule their appointment for a later date.

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