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Health Benefits Advisors

On board Health Benefit Advisors (HBA) are ever-ready to provide customer service to all authorized personnel and beneficiaries. HBAs offer basic TRICARE information including how to file a claim, explanation of a benefits statement, supplemental insurance information, and TRICARE programs and updates.

Other services offered:

  • Beneficiary counseling
  • Assist with TRICARE enrollment process
  • Access to care issues
  • Determine eligibility for benefits
  • Claims appeal process
  • TRICARE Plus
  • Assistance on claims issues
  • Explanation of medical benefits and options
  • Medicare and alternative health care plans
  • Referral and specialty care issues
  • Prime Travel Benefits Program
  • Incapacitated Child Program
  • Deductible and Cost shares
  • Explanation of medical benefits and options
  • Debt Collection and Assistance

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Our HBAs are available Monday through Friday from 0630-1600. 



(757) 953-2610/2611

Humana Military Customer Center

(800) 444-5445


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