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Credentialed and Privileged Providers

Medical Staff Services Department (MSSD) is responsible for the credentialing and privileging of all healthcare providers assigned to Naval Medical Center Portsmouth and its branch clinics.

Our mission is to advance the healthcare environment and safety of our patients through strict adherence to medical standards and regulations, and commitment to continuous professional development. Our team is dedicated to superior professionalism, meticulous quality assurance, and the provision of exceptional customer service and support during the credentialing and privileging process.

Timeline and Review Process

MSSD strives to obtain approval of all credentialing and privileging actions within 90 days. However, each timeline will vary depending on application receipt, Primary Source Verification of documents, receipt of references, etc.

Once your application has been completed and verified by MSSD, it will route for review.  When approved by the Privileging Authority, or designated official, you will receive an email notifying you of approval.  This notification will go to your Department Head, and Information Management Department (IMD) to grant you computer access.

You may not see patients at NMCP until the Privileging Authority, or designated official, has approved your privileging request and you received the notification of approval via email.

Credentialing Requirements

CCQAS Electronic Credentials File – This is your full credentialing and privileging file. It will follow you throughout your entire career. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure YOUR file is up to date. MSSD will help you maintain your file, and will answer any questions you may have.

  • Qualifying Degree, ALL Postgraduate Training, and ALL professional Licenses, Certifications, and Registrations:
    • Your qualifying degree, as required by specialty, and all postgraduate training requires a one-time Primary Source Verification.
    • ALL professional licenses, including those previously held, must undergo initial Primary Source Verification. A written explanation of all inactive, expired, and/or suspended licenses is required.
      • “Healthcare providers who fail to maintain compliance with licensing, certification, or registration requirements outlined in this manual will be removed immediately from patient care.” – DHA-PM 6025.13 Volume 4
  • All work history dating back 10 years, or to your qualifying degree – Accuracy of employment name, address, phone number, etc., will assist in the timely completion of your application.
  • Current American Red Cross BLS Certification and any other Resuscitative Medicine Certifications as required by your specialty.
  • Current DEA Registration and proof of the DOD Opioid Prescriber Safety Training is required for all Prescribers.:
    • Any provider that does not have a registration must contact MSSD for further assistance in obtaining a fee-exempt DEA
    • For providers transferring to NMCP, ensure you submit your DEA change of address prior to checking in to the command.
  • NPI and Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System (PECOS) Registration:
    • Ensure your NPI has the correct address and taxonomy code
    • Providers required to enroll in PECOS for the sole purpose of ordering and referring, include but are not limited to the following:
      • Physicians and non-physician practitioners (this includes licensed independent practitioners, dentists, oral surgeons, advanced practice nurses, and physician assistants) employed by the DoD/TRICARE.
      • Licensed and non-licensed interns, residents, and fellows in approved postgraduate programs.
  • Proof of Professional Competence:
    • New Healthcare Provider – New accession providers must have 1 supervisor and 1 peer reference to attest to competency.
    • Providers Transferring to NMCP – Military providers transferring to NMCP will use the transfer Performance Appraisal Report (PAR)/Clinical Appraisal Report (CAR) from their previous command.
    • Providers coming from Graduate Medical Education, or Civilian Internship/Residency/Fellowship- any provider coming from Postgraduate training will need a Program Director reference, and a peer reference, as well as other documentation
  • Other specialty specific requirements can be found in DHA-PM 6025.13 Volume 4, and BUMEDINST 6010.30.

Reservist/TAD Healthcare Providers (ICTB)

Any healthcare provider temporarily assigned to NMCP must request an Inter-facility Credentials Transfer Brief (ICTB) to be initiated by your parent command. Once MSSD receives the ICTB from your parent command, and you complete your application (as required), it will be routed for approval. Once approved you will receive an approval notification email.

You may not see patients at NMCP until the Privileging Authority, or designated official, has approved your application, and you have received the notification of approval.

Delays in Processing

Common causes of delays include application errors, missing documentation, and selection of incorrect privileges. These are only a few examples of processing delays, but can be avoided by maintaining communication with your assigned Medical Staff Professional.

Medical Staff Services Department Contact Information

620 John Paul Jones Circle
Portsmouth, VA 23708
Phone: (757) 953-7550
Fax: (757) 953-7560

Located in Building 1, 2nd Floor, Room C226.

Additional Information


DHA-PM 6025.13 Volume 4 - Credentialing and Privileging
BUMEDINST 6010.30 – Credentialing and Privileging Program
BUMEDINST 6010.17C – Navy Medical Staff Bylaws
NAVMEDCENPTSVAINST 6010.23E – Medical Staff Policy and Procedures

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*Updated 20 September 2023
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