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Acute Care

Acute Care provides medical care for all civilian care injuries. Care is provided on a walk-in basis, no appointment required. Immediate care is provided and a determination on additional care is provided at this level. All civilian limited and light duty personnel must be cleared through this clinic prior to return to full duty. Telephone number is 314-6929.

Ambulance Services

Ambulance Services are provided by Naval Medical Center Portsmouth. Ambulance responses, which includes fire and rescue personnel, are available to respond to emergencies and can be reached at 396-3333. The following information will be needed from each caller to dispatch an ambulance:

  • Patient's condition or problem
  • Exact location (ship, building#, correct base: Scott Center Annex vs. NNSY)
  • If patient is contained or in a contaminated area
  • Do not hang up until all information has been relayed to dispatch


Audiology is a full service clinic able to detect most hearing loss problems. Staffed with a licensed audiologist and several audiometric technicians, several thousand hearing tests are completed each year. If your command has a Hearing Conservation Program or questions regarding hearing then call 953-6494.


Dental department is located on the second floor of the Branch Health Clinic, Building 277, NNSY. Services performed are operative, acute care, annual exam and simple surgery. Other dental specialties are referred to NMCP and NDC Sewells Point. NNSY BHC Dental has one general dentist, one dental hygienist, and many support staff. Please call for an appointment at 953-6509.

Hours of Operation

Monday through Thursday 0700-1530
Friday 0700-1200

Sick Call Hours

Monday through Friday 0700-0800

Fleet Liaison

Fleet Liaison is the clinic's contact for visiting ships, naval units and tenant commands. We offer many clinical and ancillary services, as well as space when needed for visiting ships. Although we are not an inpatient facility, we will communicate with the Naval Medical Center Portsmouth Fleet Liaison concerning personnel who are inpatients or on limited duty as needed. The Fleet Liaison is interested in meeting with all newly arriving ships to explain our services and points of contact. We are here to provide the best Fleet support possible. Please contact the Fleet Liaison at 953-6547.


Immunizations are primarily given to active duty personnel and designated civil service personnel, Monday through Friday 0730-1430.

Industrial Hygiene

Industrial Hygiene provides technical support to ships undergoing overhaul at the Shipyard, also comprehensive protection standards to shops and storefronts at the Shipyard to ensure compliance with OSHA/NAVOSH regulations. For further information please call 953-6541.


Laboratory provides services to civilian employees and active duty personnel. Lab tests are encouraged to be preordered via CHCS. Lab tests that cannot be performed in this facility are referred to the NMCP Laboratory. For information on SHARPS/Medical Waste turn-in, contact 953-6480.

Medical Records

Medical Records are divided in two separate areas of the clinic as follows:
    Medical Records are maintained in the Primary Care area of the clinic. All Active Duty personnel stationed at NNSY are required to maintain their medical records here. Medical records must be returned within 5 working days if they are checked out for other appointments outside of clinic. Medical Records are verified upon checking in, annually, and checking out of the command. Personnel will be notified via their chain of command when medical needs are identified, i.e. immunizations and physicals.
    Medical Records are maintained in the Civilian Records section adjacent to the main lobby. All shipyard civil service records are kept here.

Medical Surveillance/Occupational Medicine

Medical Surveillance/Occupational Medicine provides treatment for occupationally related illnesses and injuries, as well as providing services to civil service employees and active duty personnel placed in any medical surveillance monitoring program. Occupational illnesses and injuries are seen on a walk-in basis. Medical surveillance monitoring is scheduled on birth months by calling 953-6474.


Optometry provides complete eye and vision exams for eligible civilian employees of NNSY, its tenant commands and active duty personnel. The department works in close liaison with clinic providers for referrals, as well as Safety, Industrial Hygiene Division and Radiation Health Division to establish visual standards. These services significantly reduce the number of injuries and other types of accidents resulting from poor visual performance. All military appointments are made through TRICARE at 1-866-645-4584. Clinical Department hours are 0700-1530. Bring medical records and current prescription. Call the clinic at 953-6486 for further information.

Overseas & Sea Duty Screening

Overseas and Sea Duty Screening is scheduled through Military Sick Call at 757-953-5080. This screening is done so that those active duty personnel in receipt of overseas or sea duty assignments meet both medical and dental qualifications prior to transfer. Some screens will require special laboratory studies or physical examinations, which may take in excess of 30 days to complete. Therefore, personnel are required to initiate their screening process as soon as possible. Additionally, we are not the Primary Care Managers (PCM) for active duty dependents or retired beneficiaries, so those individuals must be screened by their PCM prior to our finalizing active duty screenings.

Patient Contact Representative

Patient Contact Representative is the conduit of a patient's concern and the Command. He/she is responsible for ensuring that patients receive prompt response to questions or concerns. If you have any questions or concerns, please call 757-953-2545

Physical Examinations

Physical Examinations are divided in two areas:

    Military physicals are usually accomplished as same day appointments, with preliminary tests and procedures completed in the morning and the actual Health Care Provider appointment in the afternoon. Clearance of the physical will usually take two days to complete, provided all test results return within normal limits. Personnel will be notified when the paperwork is completed. Physical exams is located in the Primary Care area of the clinic. Call TRICARE at 1-866-645-4584 for scheduling. Medical department representatives are responsible for the administration of their medical programs and should ensure preliminary studies and administrative forms are complete prior to examination. Medical department representatives are highly encouraged to contact Physical Exams or Fleet Liaison. For specific physical standards/requirements call 953-6454.


    - A TB skin test must have been performed within one year of separation/retirement.
    - HIV testing is required within 90 days of actual separation, or start of terminal leave.
    - Separation physicals can be done up to six months prior to separation.
    - Retirement physicals can be done up to one year prior to retirement. This is to provide early specialty referrals and care as needed.
    Civilian Physicals are scheduled through a shipyard computer system which allows shop supervisors to notify employees of Medical Surveillance programs and Physical Examinations.

Primary Care

Primary Care provides medical care for all active duty personnel. Appointments are required and can be made by calling TRICARE Service Center at 1-866-645-4584. Routine pap smears are scheduled through TRICARE. Wart clinic is each Wednesday on a walk-in basis. Please call 953-6454 for further questions. Patients presenting to Primary Care without an appointment will be evaluated and scheduled based on the urgency of the patient's needs.


Radiology provides routine, occupational health, screening and asbestos examinations. The health care provider must sign all exams electronically via CHCS or on a completed SF519. Acute care exams are "wet read" by a clinic provider and the final results completed by an off-site radiologist. All exam films are available for film checkout when the final report is completed in approximately four days. Call 953-6482 for further information.

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Monday - Friday 7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.


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Availability of Services

Occupational Medicine and Primary Care


Occupational Medicine through MES (Medical Exam Scheduling System)
Primary care for active duty only. Acute Care clinic walk-in only between 0700 and 1530
Primary Care through central appts or through clinic directly at 953-6454
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