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The administrative department provides administrative support for the clinic.

Description of Services

Receive and distribute incoming and outgoing correspondences Maintains and updates clinic instructions/notices and SSIC files Prepares internal and external correspondence and memoranda Clinic's Plan of the Week Preparation and distribution Clinic's Policies and Procedures updates Provides interface with servicing Personnel Support Detachments Assists staff members with NSIPS and DTS Responsible for monthly update of clinic Recall Bill and Alpha Rosters Message traffic Administration Receipt and distribution of all incoming and outgoing U.S. Mail Provides telephone services

Material Management Department


Department Head
(757) 953-8253


Monday - Friday 0700-1530

Description of Services

The mission of Material Management Department is to assist Branch Health Clinic Boone in accomplishing its mission through logistical, facilities, and material management support.

Patient Contact Representative


Monday - Friday 0700-1600

Description of Services

Serves as special assistant to the Officer in Charge/department heads in matters pertaining to the Patient and Guest Relations Program. The Patient Contact Representative is available to ensure that patient care is delivered in a professional and courteous manner, respecting the dignity and rights of our patients and staff.

Provides solutions and bridge gaps, eases communication, guides people through bureaucratic mazes, acts as liaison and interpreter and works to ensure everyone in the system focused on the patient. The Patient Relations program allows a structured approach to resolving concerns, forwarding suggestions and routing concerns.

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Monday - Friday 0700-1530
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