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NMCP has limited the number of entrances to the hospital and continues COVID-19 screening at each. Please see our VISITOR and  MASK Policies

For Operational Units requesting testing please contact fleet liaison or click here (CAC card required).

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Visitor Guidelines

Welcome to Naval Medical Center Portsmouth

Please be advised that even though COVID-19 restrictions are being relaxed in the state of Virginia, NMCP is still adhering to strict standards for patients and staff for the safety of all who enter our facility.
  • All visitors to NMCP are required to wear face masks inside the facility.
  • Entrances into the facility are limited and all visitors will be screened at those entrances prior to being allowed in.
  • If you are coming to NMCP for a COVID-19 test or you have or suspect you have been exposed to the virus recently please do not enter the building and follow the sighs to the COVID test center of Emergency Room.
  • Limit one visitor per patient in the building.

For more information please see our Visitor Policy or our Masking Policy.

Parking at NMC-Portsmouth

The Base now has radar units in force! Speed limit in the parking garage is five (5mph)! Speed limit on the base is 20mph.

In the parking garage there are over 1,500 staff or "open" parking spaces, over 1,000 patient/visitor parking spaces and special reserved spaces for Flag Officers, 0-6 Parking, Handicap, etc. Each of these areas is marked either on the ground or with signs and is reserved, 24 hours a day, every day.

Due to limited parking in the garage, if you live in the barracks or are a NSHS student, park by the barracks and walk to NMCP or NSHS.

Ground, Level 1 and 2:

Are for patients and visitors unless otherwise designated by a sign.
Aisles H-K on ground, 1 and 2 are open for staff parking.

Level 3:

Open parking for all staff personnel.

Level 4:

Open parking for all staff personnel.

Level 5:

Open parking for all staff personnel.

Handicap Parking

Open to all personnel whose vehicle displays a valid handicap placard or valid handicap plates. Space marked for handicap vehicles with lifts only are for said vehicles.

Motorcycle Parking

Motorcycle Parking is designated on the back side of the parking garage, ground level in the vicinity of aisle D and H.

Emergency Department Parking

This is designated for Emergency room patients only. All violators (who do not display an Emergency Department placard) are subject to be ticketed.

Oncology Patient Parking

This is designated for Oncology patients only. All violators are subject to be ticketed.

3rd Shift Personnel

Staff personnel that work third shift are permitted to park in Patient/Visitor parking areas between the hours of 2100 to 0730 Monday through Friday, to include all day weekends and holidays.

General Rules

Parking on grass, curbs or on sidewalks is prohibited everywhere on the compound, unless specifically authorized by Security.

Parking Questions

All Parking questions can be directed to the Site Director, 953-7325.

Base Security Information

Security Location

Building 107, NMCP
Vehicle Decals

All personnel assigned to Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth are no longer required to have decals on vehicles according to NAVADMIN 146/13.
State Inspection

If your car is registered in a state that does not require an inspection, you are still required to get a Virginia State Inspection sticker. Most garages in the area do State Inspections for a small charge.


Parking for staff members is concentrated in three major areas. Most staff members are expected to park in the parking garage. The ground, first, and second levels of the garage are reserved for patients and visitors only. Staff vehicles found in patient areas will be booted or towed. Limited staff parking is also available next to the pool and the gym.


* If reporting during business hours (0730-1600), you will report to the MILPERS office, Building 3, 4th floor. Building 3 is the building with the food court.
* If reporting outside of business hours, you will report to the Quarterdeck (Building 2, 2nd floor, near the pharmacy).
To access both buildings 2 and 3, you may park in the parking garage (directly to your left after entering the main gate). The crossovers to building 2 and 3 can be accessed via the ground level and the second level. After parking, walk toward the hospital (east) and take the crossover toward your left for Building 2 or the crossover toward your right for Building 3.
Once in Building 2, the Quarterdeck is directly on your right, near the Pharmacy.
Once in Building 3, pass the food court and take the elevators to the 4th floor. Follow the signs to the MILPERS/HRD office.

Please see our Reporting Aboard Page for more information.

NMCP Information


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Naval Medical Center Portsmouth
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