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Preventive Medicine

The Preventive Medicine Department’s mission is to monitor and control communicable diseases onboard Naval Station, Norfolk, CINCLANTFLT command and Naval Weapons Station, Yorktown.

In addition, the Preventive Medicine Department liaisons with local public health authorities to monitor disease trends in the Hampton Roads area, and where applicable, implement measures to control infectious diseases.

Without a doubt, the single most effective control measure is a strong educational program geared to keep the public aware of what diseases are endemic in the local areas and the measures necessary to control them.

To that end, the Preventive Medicine Department is available for in-service training courses concerning communicable disease control by email or by calling 953-8809/8810. Pamphlets’, flyers and posters are also available upon request.

For further information, please visit these web pages:

Heat Stress Levels

The Preventive Medicine Department conducts heat stress readings Monday through Friday starting at 7 a.m..  For information, please call (757) 953-8815.  For weekends and holidays, call (757) 953-8364.

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Updated 7 July 2023
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