Screening Description

The purpose of an Overseas Suitability Screening (OSS) or Sea Duty Screening (SDS) is to identify medical, dental, educational and potential duty limiting conditions or requirements of service and family members. Completing a screening will ensure that service and family members are qualified for overseas, sea duty, operational duty, and remote duty assignments. For the best medical care or education, sometimes an overseas/sea duty tour is not in the service or family member’s best interest.

Per BUMEDINST 1300.2B, the OSS/SDS screening process is required to be completed for service member within 30 days of receipt of orders/LOI, and for family members within 60 days. It is important that a screening is thoroughly completed on each service and family member who is to travel to overseas/sea duty/remote duty.

Screening Process

Overseas, Sea Duty, Operational Duty, and Individual Augmentee Suitability Screenings are performed in a two-part process.

Part 1: Complete all required documentation and submit for screening to Operational Medicine. Once screened, complete all medical/dental requirements.

Part 2: Once all requirements are complete, return to Operational Medicine to schedule an appointment with provider (If family member is over 18, patient is required to be present)

Once seen by the provider, the service or family member will be found suitable/unsuitable. If medical/dental and educational concerns are found, the gaining command will be notified. The service or family member will be pending recommendation from the gaining command. The gaining command will have seven business days to reply. If no concerns are found or the gaining command’s acceptance recommendation are approved, a letter of suitability (NAVPERS 1300/16) will be generated within four business days with the service member’s or family member’s name. Contact the clinic at (757) 953-3778 if no determination has been reached within 10 business days.

Active Duty Requirements

  1. Copy of Letter of Intent (LOI)/Orders
  2. NAVMED 1300/2 (Fill out personal information only)
  3. NAVMED 1300/1 (Fill out personal information only)
  4. Dental Signature on PART II of NAVMED 1300/1 (Dental screening 24 hours)
  5. NAVMED 1300/4 (For Individual Augmentation)
  6. Completed DD 2807 (Complete the form in its entirety) Explain all “YES” answers in Block 29a
  7. ePHA completed within one year
  8. HIV completed within 24 months (Pilots every 12 months)
  9. Tuberculosis screening or if completed within 6 months
  10. Eye exam within five years. If the member wears glasses/contacts, eye exam within two years. Members who received Lasik/PRK must have completed all follow ups.
  11. Audiogram completed within five years or within the past 12 months for members who are in the Hearing Conservation Program.

Females (active duty)

  1. PAP (age 21 and above in accordance with current ASCCP guidelines)
  2. Annual well women exam (age 18 and above)
  3. Mammogram (age 40 and above)

Family Member Requirements

Females (family members)

  1. Copy of Letter of Intent (LOI)/Orders (Ensure family members are on orders)
  2. Copy of all civilian medical records for the past five years for review (If applicable)
  3. • DD 2870 Authorization for Disclosure of Medical or Dental Information
  4. NAVMED 1300/2 Medical, Dental, and Educational Suitability Screening Checklist and Worksheet (Fill out personal information only)
  5. NAVMED 1300/1 Medical, Dental and Educational Suitability Screening for Service and Family Members (Fill out personal information only)
  6. Dental signature on PART II of NAVMED 1300/1 by civilian and military dentist (bite wings/pantograph and last year of treatment)
    • Children who are younger than 6 months do not require a dental screening.
    • Pediatricians may screen for children less than 24 months with no teeth.
  7. Completed DD 2807 Report of Medical History

  8. (Complete the form in its entirety. Explain all "YES" answers in Block 29a)
  9. EFMP screening questionnaire (If yes to any questions, fill out DD Form 2792)
  10. DD Form 2792-1 Exceptional Family Member Special Education/Early Intervention Summary
    • Children birth to 36 months of age; PCM may sign if child does NOT receive Early Intervention Services (EIS)
    • Children ages 3 up to 22nd birthday or high school graduation official signs the form, annotating if services are provided or not provided
  11. Immunizations (children immunized for age) (adult immunization record needed)
    • Family members electing to decline immunizations must receive counseling by the medical screener to include the benefits and risks of vaccination, however, omission of certain immunizations may have consequences under host country policies, which could include compulsory immunization, detention, quarantine, or denial of entry to the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP).
  12. DD 2792 Family Member Medical Summary (If applicable, schedule appointment with PCM)
  13. PAP (age 21 and above every three to five years in accordance with ASCCP guidelines)
  14. Mammogram (age 40 and above)
  15. Pregnant (must be less than 28 weeks before departure)
  16. Post-pregnancy suitability screening for mother and child is conducted approximately eight weeks post-delivery, which includes the two-month well baby visit and mother’s postpartum visit.
Don't forget to keep your family's information up-to-date in DEERS.