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Environmental Surveillance

The Preventive Medicine Department, Branch Health Clinic Naval Station, Norfolk conducts sanitary inspections at such facilities as restaurants, delis, cafeterias, daycare centers, barber shops, Minimarts, barracks, gyms, pools, ball fields, picnic and camping areas, and youth camps onboard Naval Station, Norfolk, CINCLANTFLT command and Naval Weapons Station, Yorktown.

The frequency of these inspections is mandated by the NAVMED P-5010, but specifically the frequency is as follows:

  • Food Service Facilities/Outlets – Monthly
  • Pools - Monthly
  • Daycare Centers - Monthly
  • Youth Activities - Monthly
  • Gyms - Quarterly
  • Barracks - Quarterly
  • Minimarts - Quarterly


Complaints from consumers are investigated and handled on a case by case basis. Personnel wishing to register a complaint can contact the Preventive Medicine Department at 953-8809/8810 or by email.

Community Food Outlets

Personnel with a concern about the food service outlets off base should visit the Virginia Department of Health website.

Heat Screanings

Naval Station Norfolk Heat Stress Information New Hires: Personnel applying for a job in the food service industry onboard a Naval Activity are required to be medically screened prior to scheduling.

New hires must complete the Applicant and Food Employee Interview worksheet and turn the form in to the Preventive Medicine office prior to reporting to work. A copy of the form will be maintained in the employee file at the hiring activity.

The requirement for annual health screening is no longer required; however, management must ensure that employees do not have a significant change in their health that may result in illness to their customers. Concerns about employee health must be addressed to the Preventive Medicine Department.


All food service employees are required to receive 4 hours of annual training. New hires have 90 days to receive training from a certified food service manager. At least one manager per outlet must be a certified food service manager. To schedule management personnel for the 18 hour food manager’s course, contact the Navy Environmental Health Unit at 444-7671. Managers must be re-certified every 3 years.

Recall of Foods

The Army Veterinary Service and Preventive Medicine Department routinely monitor for the recall of food products that maybe offered for resale onboard at the commissary, Minimarts, clubs or cafeteria’s. Personnel concerned that they may have recalled foods or medicines in their homes should visit the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or the Defense Logistics Agency website for current information on suspected products.

The Preventive Medicine Department is dedicated to providing the best possible assistance to managers seeking to establish new service activities or seeking to improve upon their existing services. Managers wishing to set up for routine in-service training in support of their existing training programs can call 953-8809/8810.


The following forms and websites are also useful tools for managers and individuals concerned with serving safe food:

NAVMED P-5010, Ch 1

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Updated 31 March 2023
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