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Obstetrics (OB) Clinics

All pregnant Active Duty service members and Tricare Prime beneficiaries will receive obstetric care from Naval Medical Center Portsmouth (NMCP) or the branch clinics (Sewell’s Point, Boone, and Dam Neck). For your convenience, active duty members will have OB appointments scheduled closest to their duty station, while beneficiaries will be scheduled closest to their home. Regardless of where routine care is obtained, all patients are expected to deliver at NMCP, unless prior authorization is granted.

On appointment days, we ask that ALL patients arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their appointment time. Patients who arrive late to their appointments, have three options:

  1. try to reschedule for an appointment later on the same day, if one is available;
  2. wait for the provider to accommodate your visit, which may be at the end of the day;
  3. or
  4. reschedule your appointment for another day.

Living in the Hampton Roads region, we ask all of our patrons to plan accordingly and to anticipate unexpected traffic, tunnels and bridges, as well as planning ahead for time to obtain parking in our garage. *If an appointment needs to be cancelled or rescheduled, please contact the Hampton Roads Appointment Center or the clinic as soon as possible, as we may have an opportunity to rebook the appointment for another person.

For the welfare and safety of all, we encourage that you do not bring children to any OB appointments. The hospital has a Child Waiting Center right outside the hospital which charges a small fee for childcare services. It is not a drop-in program and does require a reservation. For more information about the services provided, please call 757-953-6873 or go to link.

Pregnancy: What to Expect

For an uncomplicated pregnancy, lasting the full 40 weeks, patients can expect approximately 9 visits. The first appointment (10-13 weeks gestation) is where you first meet with a provider to review past medical history, establish care for the current pregnancy, and review your baseline labs (should be completed at least 1 week before your initial appointment). Visits will then occur every 4-6 weeks until 36 weeks gestation. After 36 weeks, patients can expect to see a provider every 1-2 weeks until delivery.

Other appointments:

  • Anatomy Ultrasounds: scheduled in MFM or Radiology (between 18-22 weeks gestation)
  • 3rd trimester labs and 1-hr testing for gestational diabetes (about 28 weeks gestation)
  • At the 35-36 week appointment, a Group Beta Strep (GBS) swab will be collected.

All patients will also have a postpartum visit approximately 6 weeks from delivery. However, depending on the type of delivery, any pregnancy-related complications, mental health status, and/or other concerns from patients or providers, this appointment may occur sooner than 6 weeks.

At each of your appointments, we recommend bringing a list of topics you would like to discuss, or questions you may have, so providers can address them face-to-face.

OB Parking Spaces

The OB spaces in the garage are for patients with “Stork Parking” passes ONLY. These passes are not given to all pregnant patients. Eligible patients are determined by their provider and will receive a pass as deemed necessary. Due to the limited number of OB parking spots in the garage, patients without a pass are at risk of being towed if they are parked in theses spaces wrongfully.

 General OB Clinic Information

All appointments should be made through the Hampton Roads Appointment Center 1-866-645-4584.

Naval Medical Center Portsmouth

Primarily serves active duty at NMCP, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and NW Annex
600 John Paul Jones Circle
Portsmouth, VA 23708
Phone: (757) 953-0392
Fax: (757) 953-4947
Hours: Monday through Friday 0720-1600
Location: Building 2, 4th Floor

Sewell's Point Clinic

1721 Admiral Taussig Blvd.
Norfolk, VA 23511
Primarily serves active duty at Naval Station Norfolk
Phone: (757) 953-9037
Hours: Monday through Friday 0700-1530

Boone Clinic

1035 Nider Blvd.
Virginia Beach, VA 23459
Primarily serves active duty at Little Creek NAB and Fort Story
Phone: (757) 953-8302
Hours: Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday 0645-1715
Wednesday 0830-1715

Dam Neck Clinic

1885 Terrier Ave. Suite #100
Dam Neck Annex, Virginia 23461
Primarily serves active duty at Dam Neck, NAS Oceana, and NW Annex
Phone: (757) 953-9885
Fax: (757) 953-9887
Hours: Monday through Friday 0700-1530

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