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Electronic Deployment Health Assessment

EDHA system stands for the Electronic Deployment Health Assessment system. This system allows for the completion of the following health surveys:

  • Pre-deployment Health Assessment (DD 2795)
  • Post-deployment Health Assessment (DD 2796)
  • Post-deployment Health Re-assessment (DD 2900)

Roles in EDHA

There are three roles in EDHA:

  1. Users:
    Sailors or Marines
    Create, edit, and print surveys.
  2. Providers:
    Doctors or IDCs
    Retrieve, certify, and print surveys.
  3. Local Administrators:
    Assigned Program Manager or Medical Provider
    - Create provider accounts.
    - Reset user passwords.
    - Create and distribute passphrases.
    - Generate reports.
    - Import data from the stand-alone database.

Guides for EDHA Log-on

EDHA Website: Log on to create, edit, and print surveys.

EDHA Help Page: View useful information especially for first time users and/or users who need a new password.

EDHA Help Desk Email

What if I don't have internet access?

There is a stand-alone version of EDHA for sites without access to the internet. For more information, email the EDHA Help Desk.

Email the EDHA Help Desk if you do not know your Local Administrator.

Don't forget to keep your family's information up-to-date in DEERS.