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Occupational Health

NMRTU Norfolk Occupational Health provides medical surveillance and occupation-based physical and certification examinations for civilian government employees and active duty personnel. We perform evaluations of occupational injuries and illnesses and return to work assessments for civilian government employees attached to Norfolk Naval Station.

Occupational Health examinations are completed in two parts. “Part 1” appointments are booked through the TRICARE Hampton Roads Appointment Center (HRAC) at 1-866-MIL-HLTH (1-866-645-4584).

“Part 2” appointments are scheduled by an Occupational Health tech upon completion of the “part 1” visit and will include an examination by an Occupational Medicine provider.

“Part 1” exam requirements: Corrective lenses (prescription contact lenses or glasses), valid driver’s license, medication list (as applicable), and a SECNAV 5100/1 Supervisor’s Medical Surveillance and Certification Exam Referral form (completed by Supervisor).

NMRTU Norfolk Occupational Health strives to ensure a safe working environment for all active duty and DoD civilian employees.

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Updated 7 April 2023
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