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Second Year Psychiatry Trainees

Psychiatry Second Year Resident Rotation Schedule-Example

Block 1 (July): Inpatient Psychiatry: Blue Team
Block 2 (August): Inpatient Psychiatry: Gold Team
Block 3 (September): Psychiatry ER/CL, early shift
Block 4 (October): Psychiatry ER/CL, late shift
Block 5 (November): Inpatient Psychiatry: Green Team
Block 6 (December): Psychiatry ER/CL, early shift
Block 7 (January): Inpatient Psychiatry: Gold Team
Block 8 (February): Inpatient Psychiatry: Green Team
Block 9 (March): Psychiatry ER/CL, late shift
Block 10 (April): Psychiatry ER/CL, Night Float
Block 11 (May): Riverside Behavioral Health Center
Block 12 (June): Psychiatry ER/CL, late shift
The second year of psychiatry training at NMCP focuses on the management of psychiatric patients in the emergent and inpatient settings. Your second year is a total of twelve rotations, each a month long, split between six inpatient and six ER/CL rotations.

The ER/CL early shift is scheduled from 0730-1600, and the late shift is scheduled from 1400-2200.

Night Float is a one-month block, Sunday night through Thursday night, scheduled from 1930-0800.

All PGY2s, 3s, and 4s rotate through 24-hour call shifts to cover the inpatient services on the weekends.

Didactics are protected time, from 1200-1600 every Wednesday, with a range of classes taught by psychiatry and psychology faculty.
Rotation Descriptions:
Inpatient Psychiatry: The inpatient unit at NMCP is composed of three teams, each led by a different psychiatry attending. The team typically includes a varying mixture of the following: Nurses, medical students, psychology interns, psychiatry interns, psychiatry residents, and attending. Residents become proficient in psychiatric assessment, and become experienced with a wide range of psychopharmacology, acute interventions, and duty status determinations.  PGY2s will also rotate at Riverside Behavioral Health Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital for one of their inpatient rotation blocks to gain more experience with the civilian patient population, the severely mentally ill, and detox from a much wider variety of substances than that typically seen in the active-duty population.
Psychiatry ER/CL: The Psychiatric Emergency Room/Consult Liaison Service evaluates patients in the Emergency Medicine Department and those admitted to the medical and surgical teams requiring psychiatry services at NMCP. Residents become experienced with intensive but efficient psychiatric evaluation.  As a PGY2, residents will lead the service under the supervision of an attending psychiatrist.
Updated 21 March 2023
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