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Infant Toddler Development Clinic (ITDC)

The Infant Toddler Development Clinic is designed to follow children from early infancy to age 2 who are at high risk of developmental delay. A team of specialists consisting of a Developmental Pediatrician, occupational or physical therapist, and speech language pathologist will conduct comprehensive developmental testing and complete a thorough medical history and physical examination. Appointments generally last from 60 to 90 minutes. Routine follow up is usually recommended every 4-6 months until age 2-2-1/2 years of age.

Before coming to our clinic, please complete the following steps:  

  • If your child has not already been seen by the Infant Toddler Connection of Virginia for a developmental evaluation, please contact your local Infant Toddler Connection of Virginia for services. Contact your local provider and request a developmental evaluation.
  • Fill out this form and return it to our clinic coordinator via fax 757-953-7134, e-mail or drop it off: Infant Toddler Development Clinic (ITDC) New Patient Questionaire. Contact our clinic coordinator at 757 953-5174 to schedule your appointment in our clinic.

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Building 3, 2nd Floor
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Tuesday 0800-1200

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Our services are available to all dependent children of the military.
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