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Protection from Reprisal

The Department of Defense Hotline - Whistleblower Reprisal Complaints

Title 10, United States Code, Section 1034, the Military Whistleblower Protect Act, provides that no person may restrict a member of the Armed Forces from making a lawful communication to a Member of Congress or an Inspector General.

Other Governing instructions include DOD Directive 7050.6SECNAVINST 5370.5B, and 5370.7C.

No person may take, or threaten to take, an unfavorable personnel action (including a referral for mental health evaluation), or withhold, or threaten to withhold, a favorable personnel action in reprisal against any member of the Armed Forces or DON members for making or preparing to make a protected communication, including an allegation of sexual harassment or unlawful discrimination, to one authorized to receive the communication. This policy applies to all DON personnel. A violation of these provisions by a person subject to the UCMJ is punishable as a violation of Article 92. A violation by civilian personnel is punishable under regulations governing disciplinary or adverse action.

If members (contractors, active duty and civilian employees) feel they have been reprised against, the following contact numbers are provided to expedite reporting of such actions:

Reprisal (DoD Contractor)

File reprisal complaints with the Department of the Defense Inspector General.

Reprisal (Military Members Whistleblower Protection)

File complaints with one of the following:
  • Department of Defense IG -Toll Free 1-800-424-9098
  • Naval Inspector General - Toll Free 1-800-522-3451
  • Any Department of the Navy Inspector General

Reprisal (Navy Civilian Employees Whistleblower Protection)

File complaints with the Office of Special Counsel - Toll Free #: 1-800- 872-9855.

Reprisal (Non-appropriated Fund Employees)

File complaints directly with DoD IG.
*Updated 31 May 2023
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