Remote Pharmacy Check-In Using Q-Anywhere

Now you can reduce your wait time at the pharmacy for new or renewal prescriptions. Naval Medical Center Portsmouth and its Branch Health Clinics now offers remote pharmacy check-in using Q-Anywhere. With Remote Pharmacy Check-In, you can activate your prescription with a simple text message from your phone. Q-Anywhere is now available and required at all Tidewater Navy Pharmacy points of service.   

To use Remote Pharmacy Check-In with Q-Anywhere:

  • Using your cell phone, text “Get in line” to 1-833-217-2199 or scan the QR code, hit send and follow the prompts.
  • Enter your DOD ID# to check in remotely and select the pharmacy point of service of your choice.
  • The pharmacy will process all your NEW/RENEWAL prescriptions (NO REFILLS) entered within the last 14 days, and will send you a text when they are ready for pickup.

Important things to remember:


    -The Q-Anywhere function is available only during the selected pharmacy’s operating hours.  If the selected pharmacy is closed, you will receive a text indicating such.

    -Emergency Department/Urgent care hard copy prescription, or a hard copy prescription for a medication that is needed same day will be required to drop-off their prescription at the pharmacy of their choice. 

    -All other prescriptions MUST be sent electronically from your provider to the pharmacy prior to activating via Q-Anywhere.     

    -If you do not know the DoD ID of the dependent you are trying to activate a prescription for, simply enter the sponsor’s DoD ID and text “DONE”, when prompted.  Once you receive a text stating “you are now in line” simply respond with the name of the dependent you are activating the prescription for as well as their date-of-birth."

Click Here for a list of times and phone number for the Tidewater Navy Pharmacies Times

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