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16 April 2021

The PRT is right around the corner – have you completed your Physical Health Assessment (PHA)? Due to COVID-19, there is a large back up of outstanding PHAs, and the completion of the PHA is required to participate in the PRT.

There is good news! This year, you have two ways to complete your PHA.

First is our local virtual PHA Clinic that takes only THREE steps to complete:

1. Go to https://data.nmcphc.med.navy.mil/pha

2. Complete your PHA questionnaire by answering all of the questions then pressing the submit button

3. Call 1-866-645-4584 where you can schedule an appointment

Or you can check out the VIPRR Clinic which is now scheduling PHA appointments as far in the future as you need, but current wait time for an appointment is about one month, so follow the instructions below to get your PHA scheduled.

Scheduling your virtual PHA through VIPRR only takes FOUR steps:

1. Go to https://data.nmcphc.med.navy.mil/pha

2. Complete Part 1 of your PHA

3. Call 1-844-863-3236, hit option 1, hit option 1

4. Tell them you belong to Family Medicine Clinic at NMCP or outlying clinics; then schedule your virtual PHA.

Don’t delay, schedule your PHA today!


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