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MHS GENESIS is now LIVE at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth and its Clinics


The NMCP, Branch Health Clinic and Tricare Prime Clinic Pharmacies are Implementing Required text message activation of all new prescriptions beginning January 9, 2023 


Activate your NEW prescriptions by text BEFORE heading to the NMCP Pharmacy of your choice, with the help of Q-Anywhere!

   -Text “get in line” to 1-833-217-2199, or scan the QR code, hit send and follow the prompts.

   -Get a text when your medications are ready for pickup.

   -Text “I am here” upon arrival at the pharmacy you selected and listen for your “Q” number.

Important things to remember:


    -The Q-Anywhere function is available only during the selected pharmacy’s operating hours.  If the selected pharmacy is closed, you will receive a text indicating such.

    -Patients who have a controlled substance hard copy prescription, Emergency Department/Urgent care hard copy prescription, or a hard copy prescription for a medication that is needed same day will be required to drop-off their prescription at the pharmacy of their choice. 

    -All other prescriptions MUST be sent electronically from your provider to the pharmacy prior to activating via Q-Anywhere.     

    -If you do not know the DoD ID of the dependent you are trying to activate a prescription for, simply enter the sponsor’s DoD ID and text “DONE”, when prompted.  Once you receive a text stating “you are now in line” simply respond with the name of the dependent you are activating the prescription for as well as their date-of-birth."

Click Here for a list of times and phone number for the Tidewater Navy Pharmacies Times

For complete step-by-step instructions please click here 

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